What Understandin.com is all about . . .

Without change, something sleeps inside us, and seldom awakens. The sleeper must awaken.” (Frank Herbert, Dune)  Travel, socializing, and doing new things forces us to step outside of our comfort zone.  What prevents people from trying new things is the fear of doing something wrong or embarrassing themselves.  Understandin.com is your guide to travel and cultural etiquette in which we seek to demystify social and travel situations to make you feel comfortable enough to try something you haven’t done before or have always dreamed of doing.

Understandin.com’s categories cover a full range of topics:

Behavin’       Covering travel etiquette

Travelin’        How to travel comfortably and in style

Meetin’           All about getting out there and interacting with people
Check out our Top 10 language and phrases lists!!!

Doin’               “How to’s” for just about anything

Stylin’             All things for travel and cultural style and fashion

Sportin’          Everything sports travel related

Eatin’              Food/Culinary travel . . . Om Nom NOM!!!

Articles Menu

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